Body Mind Movement Camp pt 1

In september I and Stefania traveled to Losinj, a small island in Croatia to prepare for the Body Mind Movement Camp we're arranging in May 2018.
I wanted to write a post about our experiences a long time ago, but as always, life got in the way.


However, suffice to say the location exceeded our expectations.
Losinj is marketed as the Island of Vitality, referring to it's "unique climate".
As a health & breathing aficionado I was tempering my expectations, as marketing is often exaggerated. The grounds for the claim is mainly the air quality of the island, supposed to alleviate respiratory symptoms. I don't think the island will cure any diseases, but the air quality is AMAZING. Partly due to the remoteness from heavy industries, traffic and so on, but mainly due to the fresh sea winds and the plant life.


The island is full of pine trees and wild growing herbs like rosemary, thyme and lavender. This combination basically makes the island a natural aromatherapy treatment. Depending on the winds and the location the effect can be quite noticeable.
Especially on some of the beautiful seaside paths. For a very detailed report on the environment, check this link.
The climate and vegetation is a bit different than what you'd imagine for a mediterranean location. Cool sea breeze keeps the temperature down just enough to avoid sweltering heat in the sun. The heavy pine tree growth makes me think of Swedish forests, without the cold. The beaches are mainly rock and stone, with a few sand beaches arranged. Water quality is also great, clear and clean for snorkling. And for drinking, which is quite uncommon in most of south europe.
The island is obviously marketing towards tourism, but the tourist traffic seems light, and it feels undiscovered and private. 

We checked out three of the hotels on the island, two of which had their own spas. The spas lean heavily into the islands plants, producing their own oil, skincare etc. with them. The hotels all had signature blends of herbs in the hotel room bathroom products. Anyway, we went for the hotel with lavender, infinity pool and the best training facilities. Obviously with a spa.
Vitality Hotel Punta is a four star hotel, slightly more remote than the other two big hotels. Catering to a more mature clientele, we also avoid the hustle and bustle of the family hotels. By remote, I mean away from the bigger of the two city centres on the island. However, it's a 500 m walk to the small one which offer a nice selection of restaurants.
Speaking of food.
The hotel offers breakfast and dinner buffets with local foods. This means lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, pastries, bread, cheese and meat. However, we had some problems finding vegan/vegetarian protein. Beans, lentils and soy are not found in abundance. We're trying to find a solution to this, but it's worth mentioning at the moment. If you eat meat however, this is abundant; lamb, beef, chicken, every kind of fish. The shark was actually the best I tried.
Didn't top the nutella pancakes though. 
There are a lot of sweet foods available, but if you want to stay healthy that shouldn't be a problem. 

The hotel is situated overlooking the ocean, with sunbathing platforms by sea, unless you would want to stay in the infinity pool of course. I enjoy breathing, and not breathing, so I prefer to do free diving in the ocean. The pool is supplied with sea water anyway so why not enjoy the ocean?

There is a spa, gym and yoga/training studio in the hotel.
We intend to use the studio for Yoga, Gymnastics & Handstand/Arm Balance training. We'll probably use the big outdoor platform overlooking the ocean as well.
Meditation & Breath classes will be held on the seaside platforms literally by the ocean, as well as some of the Yoga classes. 
Sadly the gym doesn't allow for group training, so CrossFit will have to be done outside or at the nearby obstacle course being built by Military Fitness. Mostly bodyweight movement and kettlebell training due to the lack of barbells.
The studio however opens up a lot of opportunities, with ceiling mounts for Aerial Yoga and Gymnastics Rings. It's also got Stall Bars which can be used for both strength & mobility training. I'm ooking forward to spending more time there. 

Anyway, there is more to tell, but I've got to go. Stay tuned for more info and pictures.